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The One True Way of Finding True Love #How to Find True Love

“Many have loved, but few are true love”

Nowadays, it seems like the only place where true love exists is in the movies. Especially “Cinderella”. A cartoon that has been the main standard for what true love is for generations now.
But that isn’t the case. True love still exists in this our time, and if you know a handful of couples, you will definitely be able to spot at least one that is true love.
Now that we know for sure that true love isn’t just a fantasy, let’s talk about how to find your true love.

What really is true love

Simply put, True Love is love with an extra. Someone must have told you how much they love you before. How they love you to the moon and back or that their heart beats for just you.

Well, true love consists of that and a whole lot more. The “more” is what is lacking a lot in relationships of these times. That’s why you can see that a person loves you for real and yet it isn’t true love.

The “Extra” can’t be explained in words. It packs the power of an atomic bomb. It’s so powerful that it can literally take a life. “God so loved the world that He gave us his ONLY begotten Son”. That is the perfect example of true love.

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Misconceptions of true love

There are a whole lot of misconceptions about true love. They hinder us from spotting true love when it is right in front of us. So let us first take down the misconceptions, then find your true love.

·       Perfection

This is one of the most dangerous of them all. People tend to think of perfection when they hear true love. They believe their partner has to be perfect, with all the specifications they had in their mind about how their prince charming or princess should be like.

But I am really sorry to say this. That is Completely Wrong. True love is perfect, perfect to the T. But your lover ain’t, he/she is only human, and he is prone to make mistakes and most times your true love doesn’t come how you expected it.

The true perfection comes from you both standing as one. Individually, you both may be a complete mess and might be the complete opposite of one another. But when you come together, you become whole and perfect. Just like yan and yin, two complete opposites coming together to form a perfect whole

·       What will be will be

This is the major reason why we hardly see true love these days. People keep making statements like “if it’s meant to be he/she will come back” or “if it’s true love, it will wait for me”.

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STOP thinking like that. If you have that thought and your partner has the same thoughts, who then will do the chasing? Who will make the first move?

True love is patience. But don’t use that as a cover for your ego or laziness. Know when it’s time to be patient and when it’s time to make a bold move.

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·       Happily ever after

The one thing all fairy tale movies end with “Happily Ever After”. It has built this notion in most people’s minds that if its true love, there won’t be any major fight, just happy things till the end.

But just like the other ones, this is absolutely not true. Every relationship at a point will pass through a little rough time. Some come early and some come after years. So don’t expect it to be all rosy till the end. Even roses have thorns.

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But that shouldn’t discourage you from being truly happy when you find true love. The only thing you can do is to be fully aware that trails will come. But always enjoy the happy moments as much as possible and in the trials, hold on tight because that’s what true love is all about.

How to find true love

Now, let’s talk about finding true love.

1.   Be open-minded

You already know by now that most times, things don’t go exactly as you plan but it is usually better than anything we could have ever imagined.

That happens a lot when finding true love. You might have got a perfect description of how he/she would look like and what characters they would have.

But when you find your true love, the person might be so different from what you anticipated. That doesn’t make it a bad thing. In fact, it could be much better than what you bargained for.

So the first step on how to find true love is to keep an open mind and heart to what you might find.

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2.   Patience

This is a very key aspect of finding true love. You gat to be patient. Not every love you find is true love. You do not have to kiss every frog you see just to find your prince charming.

You just have to exercise patience and not be in a haste. Finding your true love might take a bit of time, so don’t expect it to literally happen overnight.

3.   Look around

Time for some looking. Do you know that most times, your true love is right under your nose? You haven’t really calmed down to look around you. So right now, take the first step by closing your eyes right now and reflect on the people around you. Is there anyone that has ever express true love for you.

Now, here is the catch. A person having a true love for you doesn’t mean you the person is “Your True Love”. True love is NEVER one sided. So if you don’t have any feelings for the person, don’t force it. Just skip the person.

If you try to settle with the person because he/she truly loves you, you will regret it at the end. Because you will eventually find your one true love, and by then you will be too tied to the person you settled for. And that brings us to the next step.

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4.   A little more patience

Wait a little longer. If you couldn’t find your true love around you, then it means the person hasn’t entered your life yet. So you have to exercise more patience.

You can try focusing on other things such as your career or academics or a new project. This will help keep you busy and take your mind off kissing a lot of frogs in search of you Prince charming or Cinderella.

Meaning, it would help stop you from dating all the people who claim to love you just because you are searching for true love.

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5.   Take the leap

Hurray! Your searching is over. You have finally found your true love. But you still haven’t made it official. You have this gut feeling that this is the one. This is your true love.

 All you have to do now is take the Leap. As simple as it may sound, it might be one of the most daunting task you may have ever done.

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It took me approximately 1 year of constant wooing to get my one true love. I can promise you one thing, it would be absolutely worth it.

So now you have found your true love, don’t allow your true love to slip out of your hands. Take the leap, make a move. Ensure that you never let go once you find your true love.



Everything you just read was inspired by my own journey in finding my true love. On the verge of giving up, I found her. When I did, it wasn’t as easy as I expected it to be. But today, am still reaping the benefits of the whole one year I dedicated to getting her.

Now, she crazy in love with me and most times we argue about who loves the other more. But one thing she can’t argue on is, I loved her first and I’ve loved her the longest.

So don’t give up on finding true love. Everyone deserves true happiness including YOU.

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