The pains of a one-sided love can only be best understood by someone who has had such unreturned love before. That pain of giving your all to one person and not getting nothing in return.

In this article, I won’t just help you understand one-sided love, I will also show you the signs that signify that it’s a one-sided love and how to handle it the right way. So stay glued to your screen while I share with you a million-dollar knowledge.

Meaning of one-sided love

One-sided love simply means unreturned love. It means when you love a person with all you have but the person doesn’t seem to care.

One-sided love is that feeling of unsatisfied love. That feeling you get when you show your spouse so much love but your spouse partly/completely ignores to return the love.

Signs of one-sided love in a relationship

  1. Your needs always come last
  2. You are never certain if the person truly loves you or not
  3. You are the one only making all the sacrifices in the relationship
  4. The only person making efforts to keep the relationship going is you
  5. You get little or no attention from the person
  6. In most cases, you find yourself begging for a little love and affection.
  7. You still feel lonely in the relationship
  8. Sadness creeps in when you think of the person
  9. Always unsatisfied with what you get in return for your love.
  10. You had to google this question to find a solution 😉

Loving from one side

Causes of One-sided love

One-sided love isn’t a natural occurrence, it’s caused by something and these are a few of them

1.  Not understanding love language of your partner:

Each person has a language in which they understand love. If you don’t use this language on them, they won’t feel you love them.

For example, a lady who feels loved only when a man helps her with her works and chores and simplifies things for her is married to a man who is a workaholic and believes love should be shown through gifts.

The lady would feel her love is one-sided if the man doesn’t take time out of his busy schedule to help her once in a while as he does for him regularly.

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2.   Hurt from the past

Some people are good in nursing hurt in their hearts for a long period of time without it healing. If your partner is still angry over something you did long ago, that anger can turn the relationship into a one-sided love.

You will try all your best to show the person how much you love them but they will make little or no effort to return such love because they are still mad over something in the past.

3.  Third-person in the picture

Not everyone can pretend to love two people at a time. Once they fall in love with another person, they will be unable to return your love no matter how hard you try.

This is one of the most painful causes of one-sided love. It would rip your heart if you find out the one whom you and have been giving so much for so long has been unable to love you back because they are deeply in love with someone else.

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4.  Fantasy love

Have you met people who always see things in ways that are not true? People who continually lie to themselves.

They are the ones that easily fall into one-sided love because they will start imagining that the little good that was done to them means that the person loves them.

With that in mind, they will coarse the person to agree to date them. But shortly after it turns to a one-sided relationship.