21 Best Valentine Gifts for Her That She’ll Love 2023

As Valentine’s day approaches, the urge to show our loved ones how much we care about them builds up. Although we show love every day, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to be a little extra with actions and give them something they can remember us with. The loved one you’re gifting doesn’t have to be your lover. It can also be a female friend, a sister, or even yourself. 

That in mind, if you’re looking for the best valentine gifts for her, we’ve listed 21 gift ideas that you can choose from. 

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Most Popular Valentine Day’s Gifts for Her 

According to a 2022 research by National Retail Federation, the top 5 gifts consumers plan to give their loved ones during valentine are:

1. Candy

Candies are one of the most popular valentine day’s gifts for women. This is because it has a romantic connotation often associated with sweetness, love, and happiness. For instance, chocolate candies are associated with love and indulgence. 

Aside from being a sweet and thoughtful gesture that expresses affection, it’s inexpensive. You can give your loved one a box of chocolate or chocolate bouquets as a stand-alone gift or pair it with another item—like a bottle of wine. 

2. Greeting Cards

Greeting cards allow you to express emotions through written words and imagery. If you feel you’re not good at expressing yourself, some of these cards come with messages already printed on them. Others allow you to write the words yourself.  

Additionally, cards can be saved to serve as a lasting reminder of the love you both share. However, keep in mind that greeting cards are not meant to be stand-alone gifts. Ideally, you should them with other gifts like chocolates and a bottle of wine. Or you can add it to a Valentine gift basket. 

3. Flowers

The tradition of giving flowers on Valentine’s day has stood the test of time. For centuries, flowers have been used to express emotions, and are symbols of love and affection. For example, red roses symbolize love while yellow roses convey friendship.

Besides using flowers to express specific sentiments, they can be used to create a romantic atmosphere. This is why flowers are popular Valentine day’s gifts for her.  But just like candies, flowers should be paired with other gifts. 

4. An Evening Out 

Spending time out with your woman is also one of the good Valentine gifts for her. An evening out allows both of you to spend quality time doing something enjoyable. It also allows you to make new memories. 

Additionally, it can be a nice change from the usual routine and a good way to try something exciting or enjoy a special experience together.

5. Jewelry

Pieces of jewelries are good customized Valentine gifts because you can personalize them to your loved one’s taste and preference. You can attach a picture, inscribe a special message, or write your loved one’s name on a piece of jewelry. You can even get them their favourite stone or birthstone, and then inscribe it. Lots of options! 

Another special side of jewelry is that they are often worn and treasured for a long time. Also, they can be a symbol of love and commitment.

Romantic Valentine Gifts for Her 

6. Love Jar

If your partner is sentimental and you want to impress her, a love jar is one of the best gifts you can get for her on Valentine. This is because a “Love Jar” can be a thoughtful and unique gift. It allows you to save messages, memories, and other items that hold a special meaning to your relationship.

Love jars are also cost-effective because you can buy simple items like jars, labels, and papers for notes. You can then decorate these notes as you like. Some of the things you can write down are 365 reasons you love your partner or a number of memories you cherish. 

7. Craft Book 

A craft book is also another best Valentine’s Day gift for her. Giving a craft book as a gift shows you have put thought and effort into choosing something that aligns with her interests. 

Also, you can save memories in a craft book. For instance, you can come up with alphabets for your love, listing what A or B stands for in your relationship. You can also add your loved one’s favourite pictures or memories in the craft book. 

8. Date Night Box

You can give your partner a date night box containing sexy lingeries, a list of activities or instructions for the night, perfume to wear for the date, or scented candles. 

A date night box is a non-cheesy Valentine’s day gift for her because it’ll be tailored to her interest and preference—and it won’t come cheap!

9. Money Bouquet

Who doesn’t love money? A money bouquet is one of the best Valentine gift ideas for her and a creative way to give money as a gift.  

It can also be a way to support your partner’s financial goals and aspirations without being obvious. 

10. Hobby Box 

A hobby box contains items like art supplies, photography tools, or gardening equipment. It can also include books or online resources to learn a skill. By giving a hobby box as a gift, you’re showing that you support and encourage your loved one’s interests and hobbies. 

11. Vanity Mirror

A vanity mirror is also one of the Valentine gift ideas for her that will excite her. This is a functional and personal gift because It can be a luxurious addition to a bedroom or bathroom, and can be used for everyday grooming and self-care. 

Additionally, It can be a way to applaud or encourage your loved one to pay attention to themselves and their appearance. 

12. Household Items

Giving household items as Valentine gifts for her shows you’re paying close attention to your loved one’s comfort and well-being. You can gift them household items such as kitchen appliances, bedding, or home decor. 

13. Shopping Coupon

Another good and non-cheesy Valentine’s Day gift for her is a shopping coupon. Although it can be expensive, it gives your loved one the flexibility to choose something practical and useful to her, rather than a gift she might not use. 

14. Cultural Heritage Items

Cultural heritage items can make great Valentine gifts for her because they’re meaningful. These items include things like traditional clothing, jewelry, artwork, or musical instruments that are specific to your loved one’s culture or heritage. 

Giving a cultural heritage item as a gift is also a way to show that you understand and appreciate your loved one’s background. They can also be a way to show that you want to learn more about your loved one’s culture and ensure they feel connected and proud of their heritage. 

Customised Valentine Gifts for Her 

15. Love Coupon Book 

Love Coupon books are good Valentine gifts for her because they allow your loved ones to choose their reward or experience. However, you can customize the coupons to reflect the interests and preferences of your loved one. They also can be a good way to show that you’re paying attention to their likes and dislikes. While this might not be a good stand-alone gift, it can be a great way to build anticipation and excitement leading up to the main gift.

16. Mug

A mug might seem like an overused gift idea, but that’s not the case with customized mugs. Customized valentine gifts are tailored to a receiver’s preference or taste. 

So rather than give an ordinary mug, add some personal touch like her favourite picture, or a note. More so, she’ll always think of you each time she sees the words on the cup.

17. Portrait

Portraits are a personal and sentimental way to immortalize a special moment or memory. A portrait can be a beautiful piece of art, your loved one’s picture, or a moment you both love. 

Also, a custom portrait can be a way of telling your loved one that you think they’re beautiful and special, and that you want to keep that memory forever. 

18. Self-care Packages 

Self-care packages can make up part of a Valentine gift basket. These self-care products can be for her skin care, hair, or for relaxation. This means that each product in the basket should be personalized to suit the use case you’re buying it for. 

19. Ticket Box 

Ticket boxes make good personalised valentine day’s gifts. You can get tickets to events, concerts, or conferences that your loved one will like to attend. Put these tickets in a box and hand them to her. This can be a stand-alone gift or you can pair it with flowers or chocolates. 

20. Love Note Capsules 

With a love note capsule, you can express your feelings to your loved one. These notes can serve as a lasting reminder of your love for the recipient. 

You can also use these love note capsules to build anticipation and excitement for the major valentine gifts for her. Your loved one can open a new note each day leading up to Valentine’s Day. 

21. Journal 

A journal is a good gift to encourage self-reflection, self-discovery, and personal growth. It can be a great tool to document memories, thoughts, and feelings, and it can be a cherished keepsake that can be looked back on in the future. For instance, your partner can write down all they’re feeling in the relationship all through the year and share it with you during your anniversary, if they wish. 

Although this might not be a good stand-alone gift, you can add it to a gift basket. Or give it to your loved one with a box of chocolate, flower, or wine. You can even hide tickets in the journal for her to find. 

Wrapping Up 

When choosing a gift for your loved ones, have in mind that the main point is to show them how much you love and appreciate them. So a heartfelt message or a thoughtful gesture can be just as meaningful as an expensive gift. Also, the most important thing is to spend quality time together and make lasting memories.