20 Best Valentine Gifts for Him in 2023

20 Best Valentine Gifts for Him in 2023

Coming up with the ideal gift for your male friend, brother, or partner can be tasking. Most times, after struggling to find what might seem like the ideal gift, you still end up giving them items they don’t need or like. 

To avoid this, you need to know the perfect Valentine’s gift for him—one he would appreciate and find useful. To help you, we’ve listed the best 20 valentine day’s gifts for men. Keep scrolling!

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Most Popular Valentine Day’s Gifts for Him 

A 2022 survey conducted by the National Retail Federation (NRF) revealed the top Valentine gifts people planned to give their loved ones. In this survey, the three most popular valentine day’s gifts for men are:

1. Greeting Cards

Greeting cards can come with written words or blank spaces for you to fill in the words. This provides the opportunity to express your feelings. However, this should not be an independent gift. You can add a bottle of wine, chocolate, or men’s underwear.

2. Jewelry

Everyone loves the bling, right? You can customize pieces of jewelry to your loved one’s taste and preference. This customized piece can have their picture or the first letter of their name engraved on it. 

Alternatively, you can give them jewelry made from their favourite birthstone.

3. An Evening Out

One of the popular valentine day’s gifts for him is an evening out. If this is not on your list of things to do on valentine’s day, you need to re-plan. Your loved ones will value spending quality time with you. Plan a nice surprise date at a restaurant, the beach, or the park. You can also go camping or another outdoor adventure you know they’d love.

If you’re yet to go on a date with your special one, you can find out what he wants on a first date and plan for it. 

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Best Valentine Gifts for Him

4. Love Note Messenger

With a love note messenger, you can connect your phone to an app and deliver messages to your loved one via a love box. This is one of the best romantic valentine’s day gifts for him because you can share your favourite pictures, words, or drawings from wherever you are. You can pair this gift with others on this list. 

5. Whiskey Stones

If your loved one is a whiskey lover, one of the valentine gifts for him should be whiskey stones. This comes in either a cube or bullet form. Ideally, this shouldn’t be a stand-alone gift. You can add it to a gift basket you curated or use it as a teaser leading up to the main gift. 

6. Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Is your loved one a music lover? Does he like to sing along to his favourite artist when he’s in the shower? Giving him a Bluetooth shower speaker shows that you’re paying attention to the little things that make him happy. 

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7. Course Subscriptions 

A course subscription is one of the thoughtful and unique valentine gifts for him. This shows you’re interested in his personal and professional development. 

The course subscription can be a resource for their hobbies or a new skill they want to acquire. This gift can be a stand-alone gift or added to other items. 

8. Cultural Items

Giving your loved one cultural items shows that you’re proud o f their origin. More so, it helps encourage and boost their love for their heritage. These items can be traditional clothes, artifacts, or Jewelry specific to their origin. 

9. Game Box 

You can create a box filled with various types of gifts like PS5 games, chess, game deck, snooker, or football table. This way, they can have a variety of games to play at their leisure, during boys night, or for an indoor date with you.


10. Mobile Gaming Controller

A mobile gaming controller is one of the best valentine’s day gifts for men who are game lovers. You can add it to a game box or add other items. 

11. Urban Map Glass

Is your loved one fascinated by geography? An urban map glass is an ideal gift for him. You can pair this gift with a liquor bouquet, bottle of whiskey, or whiskey stones. 

12. Book Collection 

Giving your loved one a collection of his favourite books can make them happy—especially if they’re an avid reader. To make this more thoughtful, you can aim for rare collections he has always wanted to have. 

If he’s interested in personal development, you can get him books for that specific purpose. This gift can even motivate him to start building a home library.

13. Grooming kit

One of the many thoughtful valentine’s day gifts for men is a grooming kit. The kit could be for their hair or beards. This shows that you’re invested in his hygiene and health. 

Personalized Valentine Gifts for Him

14. Ticket Box

If your loved one is thrilled about concerts, seminars, or shows, a ticket box is one of the thoughtful valentine gifts for him. Purchase tickets to various events happening after 14th February and hand them to him in a box. 

15. Hobby Box

Customized valentine gifts like hobby boxes show you support your loved one’s interests and hobbies. This hobby box can contain art supplies, photography tools, or woodcraft kits.

16. Docking Station

One of the best practical valentine gift ideas for him is a docking station. With this gift, he can organize his personal belongings. He no longer has to look for his car keys or wristwatch. This can also be a nice decoration for his bedroom or home office. 

17. Movie Scratch-off Poster 

Movie scratch-off posters are good valentine gifts for him because movie dates won’t be difficult to plan anymore. Movie scratch-off posters contain blockbusters and classic films. 

Also, he can frame these posters after scratching them off and save them as a memento for remembering all the movie dates you both had. You can add this gift to related items on this list. 

18. Wallet

You can give your loved one a wallet with their name engraved. This is also a practical and thoughtful gift because it will help them organize their cash or cards. 

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19. Travel Mug

A travel mug is one of the most practical and thoughtful valentine gifts for him. He can retain the temperature of his drinks when on the move. It’s also among the best customized valentine gifts because you can add a picture or engrave his name on the body of the mug. Although this can be an independent gift, you can add a greeting card or Love note messenger to make it more unique. 

20. Liquor Bouquet

Does your boyfriend, brother, or bestie enjoy liquor? Then this should be one of the customized valentine day’s gifts you give him. Rather than flowers, you can give him a liquor bouquet. This can be handcrafted and personalized to his choice of alcohol. 

Don’t know how to make one? Learn it from this guide. 

Wrapping Up

With these valentine gift ideas for him, you can buy what your loved ones will appreciate. While this list can guide you in picking a gift, it’s important to pay attention to the preferences, taste, and needs of whoever you’re buying it for. Once you have that down, you can go ahead and choose specific items you think would be a perfect match.