Maintaing a relationship in lockdown

Ways To Maintain Your Relationship While Practicing Social Distancing

The whole world is in chaos right now as every countries, states, provinces, communities, and families are all trying to stop the spread of the dreaded virus. In the midst of all this chaos, loved ones can provide an oasis filled with peace and love.

But now, your lover is so far away. Social distancing is paramount to stop the spread of the virus and so is the nationwide lockdown in many countries. But as a result of it, many things are affected. Including your relationship.

You are not free to do the normal things you usually do to keep the relationship growing, like regular visiting and going out or dates or even just a walk in the park, because of the social distancing and lockdown.

This doesn’t mean you have to break up with your partner or that your love for one another should diminish. On the contrary, this is the time it would grow and would gain more value if you do things right. “You don’t value what you have until you lose it”.

Here are ways to not only maintain your relationship in this lock-down but to also grow it.

Ways to maintain a relationship while practicing social distancing

1.  Ensure you both obey the social distancing

I’m pretty sure you didn’t expect this as number one, but it is what it is. In order for there to be a relationship to maintain, you both have to ensure none of you contract the virus and as recommended by the World Health Organization. Here are other ways to stop to prevent you from contracting the virus. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public.

It is very important you keep each other in check and avoid making rash moves like visiting him/her during this period because of how much you miss the person. A thing like that is the reason why it’s still spreading. So make sure you both obey the social distancing law.

2. Communication

Now this is a very broad aspect, especially in such a delicate time. It is very important that in this period, you always talk with the person daily. Discuss important issues and profuse your love for one another numerous times in a day.

You are the person’s escape from all the noise of the world, so when you both are discussing, try as much as possible to not to talk much about the virus. Discuss other things, bring positive vibes to the person. Be the number 1 person he/she calls when they want their spirit to be lifted up.

Here are two great mediums of keeping in touch with your loved one during this lock-down.

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Video call:

I intentionally brought this up first before cellphone calls because video call is the best option right now, as it not only gives you the ability to hear the person but also see the person as well.

If you can’t visit to touch and feel the person, the least you can settle with is seeing the person daily. You can also video call several times a day depending on what you both want.

Video calling as part of social distancing

Here is a list of apps that you can video call on
  1. Facetime
  2. Whatsapp
  3. Zoom
  4. Skype

Cell phone calls:

If you don’t have the gadget or data for frequent video calls, then you can settle for cell phone calls and text. If your partner isn’t working from home, then you can probably call as many times as you want. Bug him/her each day with your calls and text. It’s part of spicing it up from a distance.

3.  Find a new indoor hobby

In case you don’t have a work-from-home job or indoor hobby already, it’s time to get a new hobby. A hobby you can do at home while observing social distancing. Something that can help you kill time faster.

Another reason why you need a new hobby is to avoid being overbearing to your lover. It’s one thing to be in constant communication and it’s another thing to clench on the person so much that they feel they can’t breathe. So it’s important you find a new hobby or skill to lessen your idle time.

Here is a list of indoor hobbies you can try right now.

  • Watching movies: This is a really good and effective way to make the day fly by, especially if you are watching a movie series. Try Netflix now
  • Cooking: This is another great indoor hobby to cultivate, but the problem with cooking as a hobby now is, foodstuffs are scares and expensive. So cooking for hobby might not be the best option right now.
  • Dancing: You don’t have to go to the club. You can turn your room into a mini club and rock your dance moves like there is no tomorrow.
  • Games: this is another really great way to kill time from your couch while observing the social distancing. Great games are easy to find but you can start with these ones The best Android games currently available (April 2020)
  • Exercise: Staying fit while in lock-down is highly recommended. Even I am picking interest in this one amongst other things. But the key problem with exercising as a new hobby is that you can’t do it for long. So that translate to more idle time.
  • Learn a new skill: it can help you secure jobs or start something of your own after this crisis. The best part is, you can learn them from the comfort of your couch. You Need To Visit These 20 Websites If You Want To Learn New Skills


4.  Discover new ways to express your love over distance

Now, this is the fun part. There is a huge problem in the world that has almost rendered all the old ways of doing things useless. The same way it has also rendered some ways of expressing love useless too.

It’s time you think of something new. Find creative ways of filling your partner’s heart with joy through the barrier of social distancing. In other to maintain your relationship in this lockdown, you have to solve this little but crucial problem.

Here is a pointer to stir you in the right-thinking direction.

  • Give a shout out to the person: if you can’t walk down the road with your lover in your hand, showing the whole world who you love and how proud you are of the person. You can do a shout out to the person on a radio station or an internet page the person frequently uses.

Shout out

5.  Makes plans for when the virus goes away

This is another key element in growing your relationship in the midst of the pandemic. Make plans of things you would do together as a couple when you both survive the crisis.

Maybe a holiday or a weekend getaway. Or you can both plan of how your first sexual encounter would be after the lockdown is lifted.

Making plans as a couple is a great way to keep your relationship healthy as both persons would think of one another when they fantasize about those plans.

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6.  Help your partner financially.

It’s no news that the deadly virus knocked a lot of economies down and down with it came many businesses and millions of people unemployed. Money is in short supply in this critical time.

No one will bother about maintaining any relationship if he/she lacks money for their basic needs. Any effort you may make to try and maintain the relationship would most likely meet a dead end.

To prevent that, you can dip your hand into your tight pocket and help him/her solve one problem, no matter how little. It would put a huge smile on their face and fill their heart with so much love because they know what it must have cost you to make such sacrifice.

This will most likely sustain your relationship more than every day calling would do.

7.  Take frequent walks down memory lane

One major thing that the lockdown and social distancing have cost your relationship is stopping you from making more wonderful memories with your loved one.

Those memories of walks on the beach, stolen kisses, date nights, touchy moments you both shared are all you have for now till the pandemic is over.

So use those memories as a tool to spark up the fire in your relationship. Pick one memory or a series of them and talk about it with your lover passionately.

By doing this, you will make the person remember those special moments that would, in turn, act as fuel in the fire of his/her love for you.

Strong desires

8.  Take care of each other’s sexual needs

Idleness can bring a lot of nasty thoughts in a person’s mind. These nasty thoughts would cause the person to get horny a lot. This is the reason why idle people masturbate a lot (not proven).

Now we know the problem, the next step is finding a solution. You obviously can’t pay the person a visit to take care of business. To maintain your relationship in this seemingly never-ending lockdown, you have to find a way to make your partner sexually satisfied without visiting him/her.

One way to achieve this is through dirty chatting or video calling and watch each other take the edge off. It won’t in any way feel like the real deal. In fact, it would make you want the real deal so bad. But you can’t get that until this pandemic is over, so you just have to make do with that. If done well and in the right proportion, it will help ease the pressure of the virus on your relationship 😉


That brings us to the end of how you can maintain your relationship in this lockdown/social-distancing. These ways won’t just help you maintain your relationship right now, it would also help to grow your relationship in the midst of the deadly virus