why people cheat in relationships

Why Do People Cheat In Relationships? 12 Reasons Why People Cheat

No matter how perfect some relationships may seem, you would end up getting the shock of your life when you find out one of the couples is cheating. Cheating in a relationship is becoming so common these days that it is beginning to get one thinking if cheating is now part of the package.

Cheating is never part of the package of a relationship. It goes against everything a relationship stands for. But the question remains, why do people cheat in relationships? Most times they are aware that if their spouse finds out, it would be over. But they still go ahead to cheat.

In today’s article, we will be looking at some reasons why people do cheat on their relationships.

1.  Ego

This is the most difficult to explain. Some people cheat in relationships in other to feed their over-inflated ego. They feel a rush of power and superiority when they cheat on their spouse.

This reason is more common with men than women. I have met a couple of guys and men who think it’s the right of men to cheat. To them, men are not monogamous species.

After talking with one of them on why he thinks he can’t stop cheating, he told me cheating runs through his veins. At that moment, I shook my head knowing it was a lost course.

So you see, some people feel they are entitled to cheat and whenever they cheat, it feeds their ego.

2.  Fun

Let’s face it, some people cheat just for the fun of it. This usually applies to people who are living a boring life. At the initial start of the relationship, everything is new and exciting. One is still very much fascinated about the body of their partner that they have no time to look at any other person’s body.

Over time, when he/she has explored every inch of his partner, the person starts losing that fascination that was once there. It starts getting boring, so the brain does what it does best, crave for new thrills. That is the point where cheating comes in. It serves as a new crack for the brain.

Also, the person doesn’t have to get too used to his/her partner’s body before they start cheating for fun. It can also happen for fun when the person is tired of routine life and wants something new and fun. And to them, cheating is the way out.

couple cheating

3.  Revenge

This is another classic reason why people cheat in relationships.

Johnny just caught his wife whom he has loved unconditionally and faithfully for the past 6 years cheating on him with another man. In his rage of anger, he recalls how many times in this past 6 years he had turned down sexual advances from other females because of his love and devotion to his wife.

Only for him to discover she has been shacking down with another man for a long time. He thinks of what better way to pay her for such evil. His mind light up “Why don’t I also cheat on her”.

He then goes and hooks up with the nearest lady he can find, probably the one that has his attention before and cheats out of revenge.

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4.  Circumstances

Disclaimer: I am not trying to justify cheating here for any reason whatsoever. I am only trying to tell you what may have run through their minds before they cheated.

There are times where the person never had the intention to cheat, but one thing led to the next. Shortly after, they find themselves in bed with another person.

For example. Jenny is a very faithful wife and had never cheated on her man before. But one day, she goes to a friend’s party and met this young man. There was nothing special about him other than the words he used at the right time. She connected with him through his words and him being a sharp guy decided to take advantage of the situation and kept feeding her with what she wanted to hear.

She was very horny that day and with the words she was hearing, it didn’t take long for her pants to go down.

We can easily blame her for being too loose, but I want you to look closely.

  • She never planned for it
  • She was at her weakest state when life tempted her
  • The guy was an opportunist who took advantage of it all

Another really perfect example is when a person cheats under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In these 2 instances, it was never their intention to do it, but circumstances.

5.  Sex Addiction

Sex addicts. Being in a relationship with a sex addict can be a dicey one. Those who are addicted to sex find it hard to stay faithful to one person especially when the person is out for some time.

Their strong urge to have sex on a regular basis would push them into cheating on their spouse when it seems like it’s too much to bear.

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6.  Fantasy

Never underestimate the power of fantasy. Fantasy has led a lot of people to cheat on their spouses as they try to fulfill their deepest sexual fantasies.

Everyone has his/her own fantasies. Some fantasies are tagged ok to try when in a relationship as it includes your spouse. But some can’t be done while in a relationship as they require a one night stand or fetish your spouse would never allow.

Most people with fantasies in a relationship where their spouse can’t fulfill condole their fantasies learn to let go of those fantasies for the good of the relationship. But not everyone can do that. It is in their quest to live their fantasy that they end up cheating in their relationship.

7.  Inexperienced partner in bed

You probably saw this one coming. If you are asking “why do people cheat in relationships?” then this should be your first suspect. A lot of people who cheat put the blame on their partner not pleasing them as they want in bed.

The first thing that should come to your mind when dealing with an inexperienced spouse should be to coach them till they are up to your standard. Instead of going to get premium sex from somewhere else that would result in cheating.

I am aware that some spouses do try to coach their partner in becoming better in bed. But they end up being frustrated when the person is nonchalant in learning. They then go out to get it from somewhere else.


8.  Promotion

This reason is really popular in movies which is a reflection of the real world, so I decided to pick it out. This is very common with people who are will to do anything to get or retain a job. Also, come with people who are willing to do anything to boost their business or get a new client.

These types of people can easily cheat to get what they want regardless of how it would affect their relationship. To them, that is the only way out and they are willing to do whatever it entails.

8.  For the good of the other partner

“I did it for you” This is another really popular reason why people cheat in a relationship. They can’t bear to see their partner get heartbroken over a lost opportunity or humiliated for a reason or the other. So they decide to sleep with whoever is in the position to help their spouse.

To them, the reason why they cheated is a righteous one and they would probably do it over again at a heartbeat if their partner is still on the line.

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10.  Troubled relationship

When a relationship is in troubled waters, the relationship is at its weakest and the couple is more open to the option of cheating than ever before. At this point, the walls they have built to resist the temptations of cheating are weak.

This has caused the break up of many relationships. Cheating when your relationship is in troubled water is equivalent to ending it permanently. Because if your partner finds out before the relationship leaves the troubled water, you can be certain the ship would sink.

11.  Finding your partner look alike

This is a very unpopular reason, widely because even the people that cheat because of this reason have no idea this is what prompted it. So listen closely.

Once in awhile, we meet someone who either looks a lot like your partner or someone who behaves like them. Most times, these look-alikes usually remind you of who your partner once wore, the version you fell in love with.

Because of this, the person can easily feel very attracted to the look-alike and confuse it for love. In the process of being so infatuated over the new person, they end up cheating in their relationship with the real deal.

Recently, I have been seeing cases like this on the rise, so it is definitely a befitting answer to, why do people cheat in a relationship.

12.  Lack of attention from a partner.

This is another very common reason why a lot of people cheat in a relationship. One key ingredient every relationship should never lack is care and attention. This is one of the major reasons people get into a relationship in the first place. They want some who would shower them with love, care, and attention.

When a partner becomes too busy with his/her personal life that they begin to forget to give attention to their spouse for a little while, it creates a vacuum in the person’s heart.

Everyone reacts differently to that vacuum. Some people fill the vacuum with a new hobby and others find a new lover.


Thanks a lot for reading to the end. Feel free to make any contributions and I hope the article correctly answered the question “Why do people cheat in a relationship”.