People date for many reasons. Some reasons why people date are so bizarre that you might even promise yourself never to date again if you hear them.

While other reasons are so sweet that on hearing them, you can even marry the next person you meet.

But today I will be giving you just 8 reasons why people actually date.

8 Reasons why people date

Here are 8 reasons why people choose to date instead of remaining single.

  1.  Dating for love

This is the most popular reason and guess what. 60% of those who claim to date for love are actually lying. When you see a person who is actually dating for the love you will know. It would slip out from any little thing they do.

Dating for love is one of the reasons why relationships last very long and some till death. That’s why it’s most advisable for you to actually date for love.

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  1. Dating for sex

To be honest, in these times, a lot of people date more for sex than for love or any other reason. Especially the guys (sorry for calling you guys out bros, but it’s the truth) they can sell you on the idea that they are there for the love.

Even the 90 days rule is no longer valid because guys can pretend for a whole year just to get you in bed. BUT it isn’t just one-sided either, girls do it too.

If you actually want to date for sex, it advisable that your partner is aware. Though I know it might be hard, but I actually know there are a lot of people who would agree to it.

  1. Dating to avoid being alone

It’s actually called Anuptaphobia. It refers to those who can’t bear being single and will always want to date anyone who comes along or even stay in a relationship with no future just because they can’t imagine being alone.

Singlehood ain’t as bad as you think. In fact, at least half of those dating are longing to break up with their partners and join the singles club one more time.

So to any of my readers who want to date on the reason of not being single, please consider a change of heart.

  1. Dating for companionship

It’s not actually a bad reason. This is one of the more durable reasons why people date. Based on observations, I have come to realize that couples who date for companionship tend to last longer than most other reasons.

When couples date for companionship, they grow a stronger bond. Trust and forgiveness are in abundant. Most marriages survive on companionship if the love dies off.

  1. Dating for marriage

This reason is very common within those who are ready to settle down and start a family. When a person decides it’s time to marry, he doesn’t just propose to any girl he sees and the ladies don’t just say YES to anything that has a d**k between their legs.

At such point, they will start a relationship and the main reason why they would date anyone is if it has an 80% chance of actually leading to marriage.

Can you keep a secret? I don’t think it’s advisable to do this because on many occasions it has led to regret after marriage. It would seem like a scale was just lifted from your eyes and you will start seeing notable flaws in the person.

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  1. Dating for the money

Con artists. That’s the right name for them. Some people date take advantage of the other person’s love for them by extorting them of their money.

It’s found more in girls and that’s why they are called gold diggers. It is also found in some lazy men who prefer to extort a woman in love than to go out there and work.

This is a very wrong reason to start dating as it always ends badly for one or both parties.

reason for dating

  1. Dating for trial

This reason is more frequent with teenagers and first-timers. After hearing so much about dating from their friends and watching it in a lot of movies, they become very curious and want to try it out.

Dating for this reason, isn’t really the best because it will make whatever experience you get in that first one determine how other dates would be if you eventually break up.

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If you really want to see what all the fuzz on dating is about, keep an open mind and try to always remember it’s just a trial.

  1. Dating to show off

One of the reasons why people date is to get a trophy to show the world. They would always want to date the eye-catcher, prince charming, top model, most beautiful.

The main aim of the relationship would be just to increase their ego. These people are one of the shallowest lovers. They are only interested in you as long as there is a super long list of people who wants you and can’t have you.

It’s not a crime to date a person who is extremely attractive, after all, who doesn’t desire that. But just make sure you don’t make that the reason for dating the person.

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After all, said and done, the best reason to date anyone is love, true love. If every relationship is based on love, the world would be by far a better place. But that isn’t happening anytime soon, instead of focusing on the world. Focus on yourself, date for love because it will make you a better person.

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