why girls don't like me

Why Girls Don’t Like Me? The Brutal Truth and How To Change It

This is a topic that might be hard to swallow. You may not like what you will read but I can assure you that it would ultimately get you off the girls’ hate list and start gaining some love from the ladies.

I will be writing based on experience because there was a time girls didn’t just like me. I initially thought it was their loss and not mine until it started to bother me a lot so I had to find a solution that I will be sharing with you today. Let’s first dive into the possible reasons why girls don’t like you much.

Possible reasons why girls don’t like you

There are just 3 possible main reasons why girls don’t like you.

1.  Your appearance

Let’s face it, a guy’s appearance tells a lot about who he is. By appearance here, I am referring to your dressing, facial appearance, body odor, hair, etc. All these things combined together tells a strong story of who you are.

Though most times, you can do so badly in one of it that it would write off your efforts in others and resulting in the ladies not liking you. For example, no matter how well dressed you are, with a strong-bad body odor, no one will want to come close to you. I once had this body odor and it was my female best friend who told me about it years ago and to this day no girl has ever complained about it again.

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Another key factor to also consider is your facial expression. Do your face look welcoming or do you always have this Go-F**K-Yourself  look on your face. I also had this face before and a lot of people complained about it especially the females who already knew me. It was so bad that one day while I was walking down the street, three strangers told me to my face that my face was too bad and I should change it.

Has anyone already close to you ever complained of any aspect of your appearance before? Has anyone ever made fun of you concerning something you are doing wrong in your appearance? Things like that are clear pointers on what is possibly making the girls not to like you.

Reason why the ladies don't like you
Poorly dressed

2.  Your character

If your appearance is good but yet the ladies do not still like you, then it is possible that the problem is internal. You might be giving off a bad impression of who you are or you possibly have a bad character that is hated by many girls. This type is usually harder to spot unless you pay attention to details.

I also have a very personal experience with this one. My girlfriend of 3 years and still counting was the one who opened my eyes to the wrong impressions a lot of other girls may be having about me.

We became friends through a mutual friend and shortly after during a chat she told me what kind of guy she thought I was. It made me laugh so hard and yet I was amazed because everything she described was the complete opposite of me.

You are responsible for the impression others have about you. Why do you think superstars spend a lot of money on their public image. If you give out the wrong impression, it can make a lot of girls to dislike you. Just like in my case, my girlfriend didn’t like the first impression of me but when she got to know me, she fell in love with me.

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3.  Both 1&2

This is the rare extreme side of the possible reason why girls don’t like you. There are some guys whose appearance and character seriously turn the girls off. It’s just like seeing someone who have an ugly appearance with a very bad attitude. No one wants to associate with such a person.

Quick fixes for the reasons why girls don’t like you

Above we talked about some strong compelling reasons why the ladies may not like you, it’s time we talk about how to fix it.

To make the ladies start liking you, you have to make some changes.

1.  If you have identified your appearance to be the possible reason why the ladies don’t like you, its time you change it.

  • Do you have body/mouth odor? Start practicing proper personal hygiene and apply cologne.
  • Is your facial expression bad? Then get a new one
  • Shabby dressing? Change your fashion sense
  • Untidy hair? Regularly keep your hair fresh and fly

2.  A bad character might also be the reason why girls don’t like you. Here are some quick changes you can make today to improve your relationship with the females.

  • Do you have too much pride? Sell them off and buy humility
  • Wicked sense of humor? Change it
  • Playboy attitude? Lose it
  • Over serious? Show them you have a fun side too

3.  For those guys like me who have but a problem with their appearance and character, you would need to take more drastic measures.

  • You can try a complete makeover. It works wonders in the movies and gets the eyes of every girl and even make the guys jealous if you do it right.
  • Or you can just change the specific areas that need changing. If you are clueless on what areas need changing, you can take a bold step and ask a girl who fits the criteria of girls you want to like you what are the things she doesn’t like about you. The things she would list out are clear key areas you need to change.

When I made changes in the key areas that were listed to me, I noticed a drastic change to how the girls see me. Now, it’s even the girls that make the move on me, some go through a friend to tell me they like me or they just try to flirt with me. But I am already dating the most amazing girl in the world so I ALWAYS turn them down.

I sincerely hope this article gave you a clear direction on why the girls don’t like you and how you can change it. Thanks for reading.