Why is my boyfriend avoiding me

Why Is My Boyfriend Avoiding Me – 13 Reasons For His Actions

I really wonder why boys act so childish at times. I apologize if I offended you by calling your adult boyfriend a boy. But it is a bit boyish to completely avoid one’s girlfriend without giving her a valid reason and expect the girl to decode the mystery behind him avoiding her like a detective.

Well, today we will do the detective work and tell you why your boyfriend is avoiding you. 

Before we jump in, I would like you to share some signs you noticed that signifies he is avoiding you. Someone out in this great big world might find your comment really helpful. Thanks in advance.

Reasons why your boyfriend is avoiding you

If your boyfriend is avoiding you then these are the possible reasons behind his action. 

1.  He is angry over something you did or didn’t do

You might be thinking you haven’t done anything to deserve your boyfriend avoiding you this way, but he may have a completely different opinion on the matter. Think properly, there might be something completely trivial to you that you did which got him upset. Instead of him to open up and tell you straight up of how angry he is for what you did, he decided to start avoiding you to clear his head or as a punishment to you.

If this is the reason why he is avoiding you, it won’t be long before he stops avoiding you, depending on how long he can hold a grudge. But I would advise you to do your best to get him to open up and explain fast before the anger builds up beyond control. 

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2.  He has done something wrong he is ashamed of

God: “Adam! Adam!! Where are you?”

Adam: “I am hiding”

You can see that from the birth of time that people hide and avoid others when they have done something they are ashamed of. This is why your boyfriend might be avoiding you because he has done something bad and can’t stand to look you in the eyes and lie to your face or proclaim his undying love for you again.

To be honest I think this reason is highly unlikely because boys and girls alike are getting really good at lying and can easily keep feeding you with lies. So let us move on to the next reason.



3. Your boyfriend has started falling out of love with you

The horror of every girl who is deeply in love with her boyfriend is when a once loving and sweet boyfriend starts falling out of love with her. He starts by stopping everything romantic he used to do before, then he starts forgetting to call or text you, soon the words “I love you” start becoming a thing of the past and sounds fake when he manages to spit it out. Lastly, he starts avoiding you altogether.

That is the chain flow of events that leads to your boyfriend avoiding you if his reason for avoiding you is that he no longer loves you.

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4. He is truly busy

Have you considered that the real reason why your boyfriend is avoiding you is because he is very busy? Even though it may look like he is avoiding you on purpose, it may not be true. He might have an emergency or something really important that is eating up his time. Most times it is a work-related or academic kind of busy. 

The best way to verify if he is not just avoiding you but he is indeed busy is to pay him a surprise visit at the location he claims to be busy at.

5.  He wants some alone time

It isn’t a crime for a person to want to spend a few hours or days alone. Some people enjoy having their alone time when they shot off from the world. 

Your boyfriend may want to spend some time alone for a while and that is the reason why he has been avoiding you. 

Although it hurts, you have to be delicate on how you approach him over this. 

At one point in my relationship with my girlfriend, she had the habit of ghosting me and the online world completely to prove to herself that she could live without me. She did it several times till I opened up to her and told her how much it hurts me. From that day to date, she has never done it again.

6.  He feels suffocated being around you:

One reason your boyfriend be avoiding you is because he thinks you are coming on him too strong. Most guys love their space. When you begin to invade it frequently, it puts them off and they start creating distance and avoiding you. If your boyfriend is one who loves his space then he might be avoiding you because he feels suffocated with you being around more than he wants.

Girl suffocating
He might be feeling suffocated

7.  A form of punishment

When people get hurt, they try to get even (revenge) by hitting the other person where it hurts the most. If you have hurt your boyfriend one way or the other, he may decide to punish you by avoiding you. He wants you to get hurt and atone for your sins properly.

8. He wants to manipulate you

Has he made a request from you lately that you said NO to? If he did, then he is avoiding you as a means of manipulating you to say YES. He is counting on your immense love for him and your zeal to do anything so you wouldn’t lose him. He wants to sting you with the awful feeling that you are about to lose him, then you will be able to say yes to whatever he may ask of you. 

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9.  You need something he can’t give

This usually happens when money is on the line. If you made a request recently from him and he promised to give you or get back to you, your boyfriend is avoiding you now because he doesn’t know how he can say NO to you. 

This is very common with those guys who like to lie and brag about things they don’t have. When you finally asked them for something related to what they bragged about, they would start avoiding you because they can’t give you what you want.

10.  He has gotten what he came for

Playboys are everywhere, they have a way of charming you with their ways and finesse to get close to you for an ulterior motive. Some playboys go for the girl’s money, some for the sex, and others for something more sinister. So your boyfriend may be avoiding you because he has gotten want he came for and no longer wants to see you.

Guy opening a package box
He has gotten what he came for

11.  He is trying to sort out some personal issues

When dating a macho man, ie a guy who believes men should show no weakness and don’t need help from his date to sort out his personal issues, this is the most common reason why he is avoiding you. He has an issue he would prefer to sort out in private.

12. Someone gossiped something really nasty about you to him

You may keep wondering why is my boyfriend avoiding me forever if someone else has filled his head with so many lies or some of your bad past history and he has decided to completely ghost you. This is an unlikely reason for why your boyfriend is avoiding you but it is a possibility. 

I have personally heard of guys who completely avoided their girlfriend because of some terrible things they heard about her, most true and sometimes untrue.


13. Pressure from family and friends  

Never underestimate the power of family and friends pressure on a person, it can make or break a person. Sometimes a family can mount so much pressure on a member to abandon his current partner based on some self-justified reasons they have. When such pressure weighs in on the person, they usually end up avoiding the person to get the family or friend off their back.

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