I had to really clear my head before writing about this because it’s a really delicate topic. Today, I’ll be using my personal experience with family, friends, and myself to really get you to understand how important it is to love yourself. So I would suggest you find a cool spot and read through carefully, with an open mind.

Reasons Why You Should Love Yourself

  • No one can do that for you

Self-love is something no one else but yourself can give you. Even if you have the most loving parents, relatives, or partner, they will never be able to give you self-love. It’s something that comes from within and radiates to everyone and everything around you. The best so far people around you can do is to guide you and help you learn how to appreciate yourself. Ultimately, loving yourself is something you have to do on your own. I suggest you take baby steps for now. Follow us on our telegram and Reddit channels to get notified when I write about the baby steps.

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  • You will value yourself more

There’s this depressing thing about not loving yourself. You tend to settle for less when you deserve way better. It’s only what you love that you would cherish and want to preserve. The moment you stop loving yourself, you wouldn’t value anything about you. Loving yourself helps you to value yourself enough to leave that abusive relationship. it helps you not to settle for something less than you deserve. Loving yourself helps you to remind yourself how precious your life is, even when life is getting you down and depressed. That’s the power of self-love.
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  •  It will boost your self-confidence

I literally watched my brother’s self-confidence drop from 110% (yes, I said 110%) to a staggering 5%. A few years back, he was very passionate about what he does. He loved life and loved himself to the fullest. But after he struck hard times, his self-love dropped and it greatly affected his self-confidence. It took time but when he started to appreciate his achievements no matter how little they were and started loving himself again, his self-confidence slowly increased.
That’s what happens when you start loving yourself. It starts giving you that extra confidence that you thought you never had or that was long gone.

  • People will stop using you

Most times, people who do not love themselves are at the risk of being used as a doormat by those who genuinely love themselves. When you don’t love yourself, you tend to forget your self-worth, and then become easily used by others.
But the moment you start loving yourself, you begin to see yourself saying No to a lot of people who are just there to take advantage of you. I discovered the power of self-love at a very young age, and it has really helped me to know who I am and to love myself without seeking validation from others. It also boosted my will power and reduced vulnerability to peer pressure; if I don’t want to do a thing, I won’t do it. That’s how self-love helps you to stop people from using you.

  • You will discover true happiness and inner peace when you love yourself

There is a difference between momentary happiness and true happiness. Momentary happiness is caused by an external factor like friends, relatives, jokes or good news. But true happiness comes from within, and this can only be achieved when you have inner peace. Not loving yourself is like constantly fighting yourself. How can there be inner peace when you continuously fight yourself from the inside. Everyone deserves the right to be truly happy. All you have to do is to love yourself.

  • You can’t give what you don’t have

How can you claim to love someone when you don’t know what love is. It’s not possible. You may think it’s possible, because “Hey I have a date who I love so much and the person loves me too”.
Have you heard of the saying “you don’t know how bad your glasses are until you change it”? That’s the same thing here. Try loving yourself first before loving another person and see the difference. It will show you love in a whole new way that you have never seen before. All you have to do is to love yourself first.
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I really hope I have been able to show you enough reasons why you should love yourself first. If you are wondering how you can actually start the process of self-love, I suggest you start with baby steps like… oops!, I haven’t written about it yet. Follow us on Telegram and Reddit so you can be among the first to read the baby steps when I write on it. Thanks for reading!

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