I got asked a question recently on Quora “If you like two guys do you choose the one you have known for 5 years or you met this weekend?”. After answering the question, I realized that many other girls out there are faced with the same problem of choosing who to date between two great guys.

That’s why I decided to write on this for all my readers, so it can guide them into making the right choice. A choice which they won’t regret at the end.

Qualities of a great guy.

Before we jump into choosing one guy from another, let’s have a look at what makes a guy great. If you feel like you love the two, knowing which of them is a great/greater guy can make choosing one from the other a lot easier.

  1. Truly loves you

True love can’t be compared with any other type of love. It’s true love that makes a guy treat you like the queen you are. So any guy who truly loves you definitely has the quality of a great guy.

  1. Moral

I am pretty sure you are expecting me to say, “he has to be a good guy”. Sorry to disappoint you, I won’t say that.

By moral here, I mean someone whom you love their morals. He can be a good guy or bad guy, as far as you are ok with their moral values that make him a potentially great guy.

  1. Handsome

If I don’t include this, I am sure half my readers would be angry with me.

One of the qualifiers of a great guy is handsomeness. He doesn’t have to be prince charming, he just has to be handsome enough for you.

  1. Financially capable

For a guy to be tagged as a great guy, he has to be financially capable of taking care of himself and you. He doesn’t have to be as rich as Microsoft or Facebook.

As far as he takes care of your needs (not wants) and his, he qualifies to be a great guy.

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  1. Always stand by you

This is one of the most important quality of a great guy. A great guy is any dude who stands by your side through any storm and all your bad behaviors.

Choosing between guys


  • Smooth talker

Who can say no to a smooth talker, a guy with a silver tongue who can give you chills just by listening to him or can charm all the girls around with his mouth?

  • Prince charming

It’s a real big bonus if he is as handsome as hell. A true prince charming that other girls would die of jealousy when you two are together.

  • Mr. loaded

Money! More Money!! Lots of money is a bonus quality to any great guy. Money isn’t everything and can’t buy love but love is definitely sweeter with money.

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  • Superman in bed
    You didn’t see this coming, being good in bed is a quality of a great guy. But being superman in bed is a great quality and a much-welcomed bonus.


Guidelines On How To Choose Between Two Guys

  1. Listen to your heart

Right now you may be feeling like you love them equally and can’t really pick one from another. But most times, that isn’t true. Deep down in your heart, you love one more than the other, or you are only crushing/lusting after one and truly love the other.

In cases like this, you have to clear your head and listen to your heart. You need to listen closely and you would hear your heart pick one over the other.

  1. How great of a guy are they

Every girl wants to pick the best guy out of her many admirers. The best way to achieve this is to make your choice based on the quality they possess.

I have shown you a list of qualities every great guy possesses. Now, look at both of them and see who is a greater guy.

I am sure you have other qualities that you want in a guy. Also include that.

If you really love each of them equally, then this would clearly help you choose the greater guy from 2 guys you love.

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  1. Time

Time is like alum to dirty water (it clarifies the water). Also, time clarifies your heart and shows you the one person you love more than anything in the whole wide world.

All you have to do is to stall in choosing one over the other, just allow time to do its trick.


In time you might start seeing some loopholes in their seemingly perfect image. You can end up seeing something really bad in one that you would literally dance without music thanking God for making you dodge a bullet.

  1. Test them both

If you can’t seem to still choose one from the other after listening to your heart, checking out their quality and giving it time.

It’s time to put them to the test. Think of a good way to test both of them on something that is a deal-breaker for you. Maybe you could test their loyalty or their commitment or their zeal to never let you go.

When one of my female friends had two really cool guys after her that she loved equally, she told me she would test both of them. She finally tested both of them to see who loves her badly to never let go.  

It’s been 3 years since she tested both of them, and the one who passed is still committed to her to this day. They have had their highs and lows, but he stays every time no matter the problem.

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  1. Follow your heart but carry your brain along

After all, said and done, your heart decides who it loves most. It had known who it loved the most from the very get-go, though you didn’t realize it earlier.

Sometimes, the person who your heart chooses is the wrong person. It might have chosen an extreme playboy or someone with anger issues who has the record of beating women.

At this point, you have to use your brain and realize you love the person but it will definitely end badly for you.

But if your heart chooses a person whom you know in your head is a cool guy, FOLLOW your heart.

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